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What to Know About Outdoor Patio Heaters

As the winter months approach, you, like many homeowners, are probably looking for ways to stay comfortable outdoors as the temperature drops.One solution: outdoor heaters. These handy appliances are finding their way onto restaurant patios and backyard decks everywhere. A sight once reserved for ski lodges, a patio heater can be a great way to get even more use out of your favorite outdoor spaces....

Tips for Choosing Cyber-Safe Toys

As the holiday season approaches and children build their wish lists, smart toys may be at the top.In fact, by 2027, the smart toy market is expected to exceed $24 billion. You may not have thought about it, but internet-connected toys typically have a built-in microphone and speaker and can potentially expose children and others in their household to data or identity theft. How Smart...

6 Tips to Make the Most of Black Friday Shopping

We all know Black Friday marks the unofficial start of the holiday shopping season. For decades, that has meant lining up outside retail stores at 2 a.m., fighting massive crowds and waiting in long checkout lines – all in hopes of scoring the best doorbuster deals.But a lot has changed in recent years. Thanks to factors like a global pandemic, inflation, supply chain challenges and...

Free Help for Your Turkey Emergency

Beyond true holiday emergencies like kitchen fires, there are other, more minor issues that still have the potential to cause panic like getting your bird cooked on time for dinner.You also might have questions like: How long should I cook my turkey? And how do I know it’s really done?Don’t worry: You got this! Here are some handy food safety resources from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)...

What To Know About Buying a Vacation Home with Family or Friends

If you frequently vacation with good friends or family, it may have occurred to you that owning a vacation home together might represent an opportunity to lock in your favorite getaway forever. With home prices in the stratosphere and stubbornly high interest rates, pooling your financial resources might be a great way to lower the cost of vacation home ownership. If done correctly, it could...

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